Home Remedies For Flying Ant Treatments

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Published: 03rd November 2010
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There are a few flying ant treatments that can be effective in killing your ant problem; however they can be quite dangerous to the environment and to your health. Flying ants can be seen in the summer and in the spring months. If you see these ants around, then there is most likely a nest nearby. Fortunately, there are flying ant treatments remedies that can be made from home, that are both safe and effective.

Flying ants seem to hate boric acid. To effectively use this remedy as a flying ant treatments you need to need to create a recipe that will effectively get rid of the problem. Mix about 3 c. of water, plus a cup of sugar and 4 tsp. of boric acid, into a spray bottle. Shake the bottle well and spray any of the ants that that are in your home environment, either outside or near your windows; this should help combat the problem. Alternatively you can, use 2 tbsp. of the acid with a cup of corn syrup and spread it around your home where you think the ants will get in, using a puffy knife. Avoid using this flying ant treatments around children, as the main ingredient can be quite dangerous if it is ingested or touched; so, use gloves while using the main ingredient.

Herbs and foods can also help solve your ant problem. Cinnamon, coffee grounds, cayenne pepper, or even lemon juice should be used in the areas where ants have been seen. These ants wont cross a line where any of these products are placed. Alternatively you can create some sort of bait set up and use flying ant treatments and trap them where they walk. By using this recipe of combining a liter of water, with a teaspoon of borax, and a cup of sugar. Then soak this in small cotton balls and then place them into containers with holes punched in the lid. This will allow the ants to walk in and take it back to their nest. These flying ants will carry these balls back to their nests, which will help get rid of the ant problem. This flying ant treatments can be quite an effective use of treatment.

Other flying ant treatments use vinegar and alcohol to get rid of their ant problem. Spray the vinegar around the doors and windows to stop them from coming in. You can also use 40% water, plus alcohol, and 20% dish soap in a spray bottle, and spray this on the ants. This will then leave a residual effect that will stop them from coming back into your home.

Stewart Wrighter recently reviewed cost effective methods of managing flying ants and searched for organic flying ant treatments to include in his report. He discovered readily available household remedies to manage the pest control issue.

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